Mrs Universal Princess - Elegance 2017 , Mrs Asia Pacific 2017, Mrs India North 2017

Winner of National title Mrs India 2017 & Mrs Asia Pacific-Universal 2017, Shelly Maheshwari Gupta has been recently crowned and awarded as Ms Universal 3rd Princess (runner up) at the international beauty pageant MRS UNIVERSAL 2017 held in London on 8th September at Richmond hotel.

The massive event was from September 3rd- 8th where woman from all around the world participated representing as winners from their countries. The founder, CEO of this international Universal pageants is the dynamic lady Victoria Hughes & the national director is Richa Singh of Mrs Asia – She is Asia. Shelly Maheshwari Gupta is also a renowned Astro-numerologist, fengshui expert,well known tarot card reader, television personality for various national news channels, socialite, and now as Mrs Universal 3rd Princess & Asia Pacific – Universal 2017 . Yes! a cosmopolitan beauty queen who brought pride to whole India by winning the world finals of Mrs Universal as 3rd Princess -Elegance & representing the entire Asia Pacific continent in the international event in London as Mrs Asia Pacific-universal Elegance.

Shelly has also bagged several awards in 2017 like prestigious iconic woman award given by woman economic forum (WEF) 2017 & felicitated by Loreto college – achievers award 2017 being among the most achieved woman of her college and other awards & titles of popular & influential woman of the year. Brimming with restless energy, she said with sparkled eyes “ dreams are dreams until you wake up and make them real. I hope certainly to make my dream come true by using this platform . I aspire to engage,inform,empower society thereby focusing on woman’s education in the country and helping underprivileged children& also focusing concern on saving Mother Earth from further environmental degradation “Think green& Go green” is her campaign.

Winning the most coveted title was not a bed of roses for her. Unstoppable energy, commitment towards the platform and her focused vision will definitely lead her to excel in all walks of life. Dedication and passion towards smallest of the small task is in her blood. Self-made, she has been a perfectionist ensuring everything is in a proper place and there is a proper place for everything.

Born in Kanpur, raised in Lucknow to a business family Shelly has been a bright kid since childhood, after MA in psychology she has been practicing tarot/astro and other occult sciences since 15 years. Proud mother of a law student and doting wife of an industrialist Shelly manages home and hobbies very well. From fitness to kitchen, from style to social life from spiritual to smart you will always find her active and enthusiastic. Her charisma continues and we congratulate her as the title holder of Mrs Universal 3rd Princess – Elegance & ASIA PACIFIC-UNIVERSAL. She is confident and has started working on her life changing journey from a housewife to an Astro numerologist & now to a beauty queen of Asia & world with a purpose.
A role model to every woman in this world. Representing the nation globally and making every Indian smile is her goal now. We wish her all the best for her journey as an international beauty queen -an ambassador of compassion,goodwill, harmony and peace.


A renowned astrologer, expert in occult science, celebrity star, but also an entrepreneur of socialist mindset is now a celebrated beauty queen: meet Shelly Maheshwari Gupta. She wears a title of Mrs North India (Classic) along with her crown, bringing glory to Delhiites as well as to her home state, Uttar Pradesh.

“Dreams are dreams until you wake up and make them real”- is her life’s motto. She brims with energy when she repeats the phrase with sparkly eyes. “I hope to make my dream come true by means of Mrs India’s platform. My sole aspiration is to engage, inform and empower the society. We must focus on woman’s education and needs of underprivileged autistic children in our country.” She states, certain of her beliefs and true to her message.

However, the way to the most coveted title was by no means covered with roses. She achieved it with her passion, unstoppable energy, commitment and vision.

Both dedication and meticulousness run in her blood, and so it was only a matter of time until she would excel in internationally renowned pageant, which recognizes beauty in diversity.

Being self- made and a perfectionist was a right combination that helped her in all life’s phases. Born in Kanpur to a business family and raised in Lucknow, Shelly soon has shown her abilities. A bright pupil and excellent student, she achieved an MA in psychology. Interest in this area led her to practising tarot, astronomy and other occult sciences in Hongkong and Malaysia, field she has now been in for 19 years. Combining professional and private life, as challenging as it is, can also be rewarding. Hence, Shelly is a proud mother of a law student and a happy wife of an industrialist.

One can be impressed by the range of activities Shelly undertakes: fitness, cooking, style, social and spiritual life. We are hoping, that her personality and charisma will accompany her in her journey to the finals of Mrs India 2017. Her confidence was with her in her journey from Lucknow to Kuala Lumpur, and now it is time for her to represent the nation globally. We are sure, that she will make everyone in her country smile, as it is her goal.



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Shelly is widely recognized for her continuous support for underprivileged children in Balwadi, Jaypee School and Blind School. The photo of her surrounded by happy kids, taken during her visit in Balwadi school, shows gratitude of the children and importance of her mission. Mrs India North paid a visit to the institution to give out drawing books, but her presence there was about much more than that, since underprivileged children deserve special attention.

Therefore, Shelly dedicates her free time to changing simple gestures into structured work. She is associated with Rotary International Club, a global network connecting people with vision and a need to take action. Clubs around the world take responsibility for their communities and make positive change: promote peace, fight diseases, support education. It was only natural for Shelly Gupta to become a part of this global institution.


Spending time with school children aged 11 and less is an opportunity to teach them about gender equality and possibilities to empower girls. At the stage of puberty little humans are beginning to shape their view of the world and are socialized to behave in a way that is expected of them. It is at this age, when girls and boys learn the differences between them, and far too often girls find out that they get less attention then boys. The tragedy is, girls with little or no self confidence and their wings undercut, will in the future achieve less, have less influence over their lives and won't be able to become empowering role models for their daughters. There are strong women, who, against all odds, don't conform to the expectations of the society. Too many though reach puberty convinced that they don't deserve to be listened to.

Mrs Shelly Gupta's mission is to shape new generations of boys and girls in a way that will enable them to achieve whatever they want in their lives, and ensure, that all children get equal chances.

Mrs Shelly Gupta was awarded Iconic Woman Award for Creating a Better World For All. The focus of Women Economic Forum 2017 held in Delhi, was to help women grow their businesses. Women Economic Forum is a global conference to foster empowering conversations and connections among women committed to foster constructive change in all walks of life.

Increasing the percentage of woman getting education in India is therefore one of Mrs Shelly's priorities. Not only should it be possible for every single woman in the country to go to school, but they should also receive proper education focused on woman empowerment issues. They should be capable of facing life’s diverse challenges with gained skills, confidence and with grace. Women should be at the forefront of the society and they should become agents of peace and positive change.

Mrs Shelly Gupta is a propagator of feminism and all positive consequences of it. Many people, both men and women, are somewhat sceptical about feminism and the term itself. The widely spread belief that feminists hate men, is an effect of a negative propaganda.

Feminism is not, and this is what Shelly will confirm, a movement created to punish men. This is a movement against injustice in the society, one that hurts both men and women.

The first step to ensure a just society is to educate women equally as men. Education is but a potent tool to progress in life, a way to become financially independent and, therefore, be able to take one's life in one's hands. Education will allow women to  find their voice and stand up for themselves. They need skills and confidence to tackle any challenges and obstacles life will throw under their feet. And society needs both men and women to tackle problems it faces: crime, child marriage, poverty and much more.

Furthermore, only recently has she been felicitated as an honour guest  of the prestigious Institute of Horticulture Technology in Noida for her input in the tree plantation movement “Save trees and plant trees”, which she created to raise awareness about environmental degradation. During her speech she presented an overall view on the condition of India’s environment, concerns related to global warming, degradation of natural environment and pesticide pollution. She emphasised that all humans, irrespective of their origin, should gather together to promote measures that could be remedies to the current situation of our planet. She furthermore focused on the need to promote organic foods as the means of ensuring healthy nutrition; she herself basing her diet on natural, nutritious products.

Recently She has been felicitated at the ROTARY CLUB AWARD FUNCTION noida as Guest of honour with the Chief Guest-Honourable Pankaj Singh ji MLA Noida & General Secretary-BJP, Uttar Pradesh.

She has been Chief Guest on WORLD BLOOD DONOR DAY-14 JUNE. During Event She emphasize Safe blood supplies are a scarce commodity – especially in developing countries. World Blood Donor Day is an occasion to raise awareness of the problem and thank donors.


Shelly Gupta is an internationally celebrated astronumerologist and Vastu/Fengshui expert present in all schools of Fengshui, also a clairvoyant and a Occult Sciences expert proficient in tarot reading. Her natural gift of spiritual intuition and insight has come to the daylight already in her childhood years, which is when she has first presented outstanding capabilities of intuition and sixth sense. Therefore she dedicated her life to helping people by using her psychic guidance and love for humanity. Her associations reach as far as to different celebrities and companies, such as HCL, Samsung Flex, D.S. Group, but also to numerous real estate companies such as Jaypee Groups.

Her talent expresses itself, when she, without any negative interference, recognizes the force of the spiritual energy flow struggling to come out and is able to proceed with the reading, outlining her patients’ attributes and characteristics, finally sharing with them the insight into their life paths.

Apart from that, she has extraordinary skills in dream and mole interpretations. Experience gained during all the years she has dedicated to helping people gave her understanding of dreams and sub- consciousness. This knowledge allows her to give people answers she derives from electronic mind waves and their dreams.

Therefore, she is commonly known as a ‘remedy master’ who, with her vast experience, accommodates the best of those sciences and draws conclusions that can help solve the problems of thousands of people. She describes her approach as “Vastu corrections without demolitions”.

After studies and professional practise in Hong Kong and Malaysia, Shelly Gupta moved back to India, where she has been working since 1998. She helps her clients recognize the energy prevalent on their premises. After a short visit to a certain place she is able to establish if the energy is of negative, positive or even supernatural kind, and accordingly propose remedies to the problem.

It is worth mentioning, that one of her prestigious associations is with the Decoz (US), a well known institute of numerology.

Her way of dealing with every- day personal problems, such as relationships issues, health or education is quite unique. She first checks the aura, a horoscope, then reads the face and tarot and only after conducting such a thorough investigation will she guide her patient to success.

She is a celebrity, regularly invited to various seminars and talk shows, where she can share her views, experience and expertise. In addition to that, as an internationally recognized persona, she has recently been invited to Dubai by a reality magnet for consultancy.

Coming from a family involved in industrial business shaped her view on monetary gains as the secondary priority in life. She is known for her generosity; she never refrained from giving free consultancy and remedies for her clients in need.




Her success didn’t escape press interest. For over 10 years she has been associated with such TV channels as the News channel  of ABP News, India TV, IBN7, AajTak, Sahara Samay and FM Radio. Previously, the Religious Channel aired her auditions for 3 previous years and she has also been published by various newspapers, including TOI’s What’sHot Friday, where she owned a forecast page for 4 years.

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Recently she has been Aired on ALL INDIA RADIO (AIR) - Prasar Bharti- indraprasath channel medium wave 819. This talk show was based upon her journey to Mrs india & women empowerment.

Recently She was also invited as Guest of honour by prestigious news channel India news during news award function





Shelly Gupta is an author of various books about Vastu and Fengshiu remedies.



shelly maheshwari gupta,mrs india north 2017,beauty queen india,mrs india beauty queen,indian beauty pageant

shelly maheshwari gupta,mrs india north 2017,beauty queen india,mrs india beauty queen,indian beauty pageant

shelly maheshwari gupta,mrs india north 2017,beauty queen india,mrs india beauty queen,indian beauty pageant


Winning the crown of Mrs India North won Shelly Gupta a lot of media attention. She has been a centre of attraction for most of printed and broadcast media. To find out more, see  the links below.