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How to prevent global warming effect

global warming effect

Nations around the realm are upping their game in the fight in contradiction of climate change. At the Paris climate summit in 2015, 195 countries signed a historic agreement to reduce their carbon emissions, with the goal of limiting future…

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How to prevent child abusing

prevent child abusing

Child Abuse Prevention, How to Stop Child Abuse Child abuse prevention is one of the main priorities of the Administration for Children and Families, which has recently received additional funding to ensure the success of this mandate. Child abuse prevention…

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Causes of child labour in India

child labour in India

Children are always careful next to the pious versions of the Enormous who always strive to inculcate happiness, joy, blamelessness and hope. The future of a nation is strong-minded by the way it treats its teenagers and its women, after…

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How to eliminate child labor in India

eliminate child labor in India

As per UNESCO, India has the main number of child workers in the entire world. Census 2011 puts the number of child labourers in India at 10.13 million in the age group of 5-14 years whereas in there are 22.87…

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Positive effects of demonetisation in India

Positive effects of demonetisation

Demonetisation is one of the major steps ever taken in history of India. This was a necessary step to be taken from a long time and Prime Minister Narendra Modi did it on 8th of November of year 2016. This…

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Is Corruption deeply routed in India?


There is a revolution in India. Individual by individual, an anti-corruption wave is rising within Indian public society. In recent months, people from all sectors of Indian society have said ‘enough is enough’ and, each in their own way, are…

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What is needed to improve education system in India?

improve education system

Though, gaining a professional degree is not possible for everyone due to various reasons, but what actually matters is the basic education. That is, one should know how to read and how to write. India has shown significant improvement in…

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Opportunity for youths in India

Opportunity for youths in India

Getting real India’s youth are its greatest opportunity as well as threat. If they are not provided proper education and jobs, the nation will have lost out. Today, India looks like it is on course to join the league of…

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Should the military allow women to serve in combat roles?


Men and women are fictional to be given equivalent rights, should serving in the military be that exclusion? To whom it may concern: Men and women are given equal rights to vote, but is that the only right men and…

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Do we need to Change India Abortion Legal Laws

India Abortion Legal Laws

Abortion has been a topic that a lot of people have had to take a side on over the years ! Of course both pros and cons have good arguments but, honestly, which is best ? Abortion in India is…

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