India is among the top 10 countries producing the highest amount of public solid waste. If we don’t change our waste management does now then soon India will be sinking in its own trash mess

If we need to meet the goal of a ‘Clean India’ by 2019 then waste organisation issues should be dealt with urgently. If inspiration, here are 5 innovative ways waste is being managed across from crossways the world.


  1. Residential garbage group

Every home owner has to deal with waste resources of varying sizes daily which is why residential garbage group is a very good business idea. To start this commercial, you would need to buy a waste removal truck and have an sympathetic with a waste collection centre where you would dump the waste after collection.

  1. Collection and sales of factory wastes-: This is extra very lucrative business in the leftover management manufacturing. It involves group of waste materials from sweatshops and disposing them on their behalf. You could help as many factories as likely or sign a contract with just one business.
  2. Recycling plant-: A recycling plant might be a wealth intensive but very lucrative business. It involves setting up a place where trash collectors can come and sell the recyclable materials they collect in bulk and you in turn would resell them to factories or companies who need these resources.
  3. Industrial waste collection-: This is alike to residential waste group only that this business focuses on collecting garbage from headquarters and business premises in its place of private residences and homes.
  4. Waste collection centre-: If you cannot afford a trash truck, you could set up a place where persons can come and dump their garbage for a fee and then you will hire a garbage truck to collect all the dumped waste and transfer them to a proper dumpsite.
  5. Public toilets and Lavatory construction-: Have you ever been in a community place and had a serious urge to use the lavatory but there was none in sight? I am sure you would have been eager to part with a few hundreds just to make a toilet seem right there at the time. So many people involvement this situation daily that is why there is a need for more public toilets and bathrooms, so that people who need to relieve themselves while in public can pay you to use your ability.
  6. Scrap metal depot-: Metals are one of the newest items that can be second-hand. Waste metals can be made into a lot of other things. You can go around collecting metal scraps or have people who collect they vend to you in large quantities while you resell them to companies who produce nails, roofing sheets, pots, silverwares etc.
  7. Mobile toilets-: Mobile toilets building and sales is also a very smart business idea. Mobile toilets are usually needed at parties or go camping grounds.
  8. Recycling of electronic waste-: You could also collect start a commercial of collecting electronic wastes like bad boxes, radios, old computers, discarded cell phones etc. These items can either be sold to manufacturers for restoring and resale or to spare part dealers who would remove some of the useful parts and resell them.
  9. Rubber waste recycling-: Rubber is never a waste physical. Why? Because rubber can always be melted and made into something else so you can go around option up all the discarded rubber shoes and slippers, buckets, jerry cans and several other rubber wastes that people throw away because they consider them useless. Companies that make tires like Dunlop or plastic chairs would be glad to buy them from you.
  10. Bottles and Cans recycling-: This is one of the major items constituting environmental nuisance. It’s not rare to see used bottles and cans littering the street. If you look on the sides of those bottles and cans, you will see where the builders stated that those items can be recycled. You can go around picking those bottles and cans and sell them in large quantity to the manufacturers.
  11. Polythene material recycling-: This is another item you would always find on the street. Just take a walk down your road and count how many polythene wastes you would find. Even the cleanest of areas still somehow have them. Polythene just like rubber could be melted and recycled.
  12. Used oil recycling-: Oil is used in nearly every factory. Factories that make food items and snacks use them, cars use them. I could mention thousands of industries that make use of oils some way or the other. You can go around buying these used oils and sell them to people who make bio-fuel.
  13. Bio-fuel production-: People are generally switching from the use of kerosene, Diesel to power machines. You can start your own bio-fuel manufacture business. Bio-fuel is a kind of fuel that is made from waste substance and researchers are currently working on making it take over from crude-oil as a main source of fuel.
  14. Products listing website/brokerage services-: You can develop a broker that links people who want to buy recycled materials with people who want to sell them. One major challenge that people in the reprocessing business face knows anywhere or who to sell to.
  15. Paper recycling-: Everyone uses paper one way or the other but the good news is that paper could be made into other useful materials like tissue paper. So you could just go around gathering waste paper and use them to start your individual tissue manufacture company or sell them to businesses that produce tissue paper.
  16. Used clothes recycling-: Used clothes are also valuable for making other useful substances like foot rugs, mattresses, cushions, the list is boundless. Used clothes could also be resold to other persons who cannot afford to buy new clothes.
  17. Construction Wastes-: The construction industry also generates a lot of waste. You could make money from collecting and selling those wastes for refurbishment and resale.
  18. Medical Waste recycling-: Infirmaries and clinics need people to help them dispose wastes like humanoid parts, blood, needles and needle etc in a safe manner. This commercial may sound really uncultured but it would interest you to know that a lot of people are making money from it.
  19. Sales of equipment-: Lastly, if you don’t poverty to get your pointers soiled or you are easily irritated and cannot be worried with gathering waste materials, well you shouldn’t give up entirely on the waste organization industry because there are still chances for you in the gear sales and leasing feature of waste management.