India is a country of many great legends that were well-known all over the world because of their works, sharp attention and high skill. However, our nation is still on the developing track because of the lack of some solid provision and ways to work in right way. Youths in India are very brilliant, highly skilled and full of ground-breaking ideas. This arrangement is a big help to them to go in right way using their new and ground-breaking ideas.

What is Start-up India Stand-up India Campaign

A new campaign named as Start-up India, Stand-up India was proclaimed by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his language on Independence Day 2015. This is an effective scheme launched on 16th of January 2016 by the Modi government to help childhoods of the country. This is inventiveness by the Indian PM to give chances to the youths to become industrialists and businesspersons which need the founding of a startup network. Startups means youths of the country will be reinforced through finance from sets to strengthen those start-ups better so that they can create more employ in India.

This programme is a big start to enable start-ups through financial support so that they can use their innovative thoughts in right direction. PM has also requested to all the banks to support at least one Dalit and one woman businessperson. This scheme will motivate and promote new comers near business and grow their career and cheap of the country.

Action Plan of Start-up India Stand-up India Scheme

A complete action plan of this arrangement was hurled on 16th January 2016. This scheme will boost free enterprise in the country at grassroots level ensuring childhood benefits from the lowest strata of civilization. Youths have fresh mind, new ways, and new rational so they are better to support as start-ups. Various IITs, NITs, central colleges and IIMs of India were connected through the live connectivity during the fruitful launch of movement. The main aim of this scheme is to endorse bank financing as well as offer incentives for start-up ventures to boost the free enterprise and new job creation methods among them.


This inventiveness is the necessity to lead India in right way. The most significant point about this movement is that it involves youths of the republic as start-ups as they have fresh mind, innovative ideas, required forte, energy, skill, and new thinking to lead business. Youths are the active and highly skilled section of the civilization so they are better target for this movement.