Dowry System in India

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Dowry system is among the major social issues in India. The governmental measures against the system are in place. Though, all these efforts have failed to efficiently eradicate the social evil. Women in India are great victims of dowry organization…

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Water Supply and Sanitation in India

Water Supply and Sanitation in India

UNICEF’s long vertical support for improving water supply, hygiene and hygiene stems from a firm conviction and founded on sound evidence that these are central to safeguarding the rights of broods. In fact, it is essential for descendants to survive,…

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Farmer Suicides in India- How to solve the situation

Farmer Suicides in India

The Disadvantaged For a nation which has the capacity to crop three crops in a year, the ceaseless cases of farmer perversities are a humiliating fact. The statics of the demises are so high that there is nonentity personal or…

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Start-up India – How it’s helping in Development of Youth

Start-up India

India is a country of many great legends that were well-known all over the world because of their works, sharp attention and high skill. However, our nation is still on the developing track because of the lack of some solid…

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Bullet Train- A Boon For Economical Growth of India

Bullet Train

While the country seemed excited when Prime Minister Narendra Modi publicized a diamond quadrilateral of bullet trains to attach the four major cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai in his undertaking called “Smart cities” project, critics have a lot…

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Better ideas for waste management in India

waste management

India is among the top 10 countries producing the highest amount of public solid waste. If we don’t change our waste management does now then soon India will be sinking in its own trash mess If we need to meet…

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Causes of child labour in India

child labour in India

Children are always careful next to the pious versions of the Enormous who always strive to inculcate happiness, joy, blamelessness and hope. The future of a nation is strong-minded by the way it treats its teenagers and its women, after…

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Positive effects of demonetisation in India

Positive effects of demonetisation

Demonetisation is one of the major steps ever taken in history of India. This was a necessary step to be taken from a long time and Prime Minister Narendra Modi did it on 8th of November of year 2016. This…

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Is Corruption deeply routed in India?


There is a revolution in India. Individual by individual, an anti-corruption wave is rising within Indian public society. In recent months, people from all sectors of Indian society have said ‘enough is enough’ and, each in their own way, are…

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What is needed to improve education system in India?

improve education system

Though, gaining a professional degree is not possible for everyone due to various reasons, but what actually matters is the basic education. That is, one should know how to read and how to write. India has shown significant improvement in…

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